Smart toilet industry melee Who will become a darling?

Update time:04-08-2016

In 2015, a paper by the financial writer Wu Xiaobo enti […]

In 2015, a paper by the financial writer Wu Xiaobo entitled “Going to buy a toilet lid in Japan” spread quickly on social media, which set off a wave of Chinese people going to Japan to buy a “smart toilet lid”, while the “smart toilet” was at the time. Quite a small product has quickly entered the public eye. According to public data, the family smart toilet is strongly welcomed in Japan, the penetration rate has exceeded 80%, and the Korean penetration rate has exceeded 55%, and this figure is only 5% in China in 2017.

With the accelerated upgrading of China's consumption structure, smart toilet products have become a prominent representative and symbol of consumer spillovers, which has aroused widespread concern in society. Compared with the huge foreign market gap, it means huge market potential and prospects. According to public information, in 2020, China The smart toilet market will reach 80 billion, a huge population base, and only one point of growth will release huge market demand, which is considered by the industry to be a new outlet for the home industry.

At present, the high-end brands of smart toilets are mainly occupied by the US and Japanese. Panasonic, TOTO and Ina have factories in China, and monopolize the high-end market with the first-mover advantage of technology and brand. The major domestic sanitary ware enterprises have taken this as the “blue sea” for the development of the industry. The sanitary ware enterprises such as Jiumu, Hengjie and Huida have increased their codes. Haier, Xiaomi and other enterprises have also entered the field. By the beginning of 2018, there have been more than 300 enterprises. Access to the smart toilet market.

At the same time, according to the China market survey network, the smart toilet industry has not yet formed a monopoly pattern, TOP5 accounted for only 35.8% of the TOP10 brand sales accounted for 60%, and the head brand accounted for a slightly lower proportion, which provided access for a large number of new brands. A great opportunity to "take advantage of it." The e-commerce channel is a sales position where various companies compete for competition.

According to the China Market Survey Network released the "2017 China smart toilet industry status analysis and competitive enterprise monitoring depth research report" research report data show that China's smart toilet online sales exceed the ordinary toilet smart toilet online sales accounted for toilet sales 56% of the total. At the same time, the main sales of smart toilets are occupied by Jingdong and Taobao.

As an important pole of life quality consumption upgrade, can reflect whether the products are recognized by the public. In the ranks of TOP businesses of Jingdong building materials category, most of them are occupied by well-known brands such as Panasonic, Jiu Mu and Kohler. Wrigley, but in recent years, the smart toilet field Sugimoto flagship store has always been ranked among the ranks. According to the store details, the merchant is mainly engaged in smart toilets and smart toilet seats. In the grand award ceremony of “Jingdong Home Furnishing, Do You Think” hosted by Jingdong on January 11 this year, Sugimoto Smart Toilet won the honorary title of “2018 Brand of the Year, Best Breakthrough Brand”.

According to Jingdong’s 2018 618 sales promotion data, the sales of smart toilets are particularly bright among the many outstanding products. In particular, the smart toilets in the Jingdong Sugimoto flagship store have increased by more than a percentage point year-on-year. In other published sales data, sales of smart toilets in Sugimoto increased significantly compared with the same period of last year, and sales of smart toilets also increased significantly compared with last year.

What made the company stand out in the smart toilet field in just 4 years?

At present, the product highlights the individualization, production and products need to pay attention to environmental protection has become the mainstream trend of smart toilet products in the future, and the market suppliers are well-informed and are also producing along this main line. For example, the smart toilet developed by Sugimoto has been focusing on functional labels such as cleaning and massage, as well as environmental protection requirements such as smart energy saving.

Over the years, Sugimoto smart toilets focus on technology, and constantly introduce new features, one-button remote control, automatic flip, instant toilet, a variety of water temperature and comfortable cleaning functions, intelligent and automated application strength, multi-latitude to meet the needs of different users . The combination of simple and atmospheric styles and various intelligent applications fully demonstrates the brand's humanistic care. The smart toilet is easy to operate, making the ideal smart bathroom life at your fingertips.

Jingdong commodity evaluation shows that Sugimoto's smart toilets are close to 100%, and one of the online shoppers, "Lonely Tree", commented that the beauty is not beautiful, look at it yourself! Absolutely five stars praise! Customer service is thoughtful! perfect! Yan value burst table! There are still many reviews like this.

“The smart toilet cover market is still in the user training and user education stage as a whole.” Industry insiders have pointed out.

From this point of view, it is not easy for Sugimoto to achieve such a brilliant result.

The brand road has been going on. From March 8th to 10th, 2019, Jingdong will cooperate with many well-known decorative home brands to hold the Jingdong Home Expo event at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. The Sugimoto smart toilet will be on display at the T907 booth.

With the advent of the era of intelligent home, as a standard product in smart homes, smart toilets are gradually sought after by many families. In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the household penetration rate of smart toilets is increasing day by day. In mainland China, the market has begun to take shape in 2012 and is an industry with great development potential in the future.

Intelligence, health, comfort, safety and art have become the mainstream development advantages of technological innovation in the field of smart toilets. Combining intelligence with healthy living has also become a key point in assessing the core strength of the brand.

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